Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Rates

Lake Okeechobee Bass fishing rates that we offer from the following, when comparing rates we always recommend you look for the following as well. Not all Guides are comparable when it comes to local knowledge and comfort on board.

With the new Ranger 23' Bay Boat in action your days on the water with us will now be a lot more comfortable. The new addition gives you a lot more room to move around and is a lot more stable.


Guided Bass trips


We offer a few different options for Bass trips that will fit your comfort and budget, they are:


What is included by our fishing guides:

Here is a full list of exactly what your guide will have for you onboard your guided fishing trip

What is not included in your guided trip



Looking for multiple days guide service?

Lake-Okeechobee-Bass-Fishing-Guide-Rates-multiple-day-discountsIf you are looking for multiple days of our Guide Services we can put together any sort of package you may require. If you need accommodation and fishing for a quick weekend get away we can look after everything you need.